Dear All,
due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Europe is facing one of its darkest moments in the modern era, but we cannot give up. It’s time to collaborate and fight together as a united nation. The values of Sport can help us to reach this goal.

We will work closely together with the ECA and the ICF to ensure that the 2021 European Championships can take place regularly. First of all, we owe it to the athletes, who deserve to return to compete in safety and serenity and focus on achieving their sporting goals.

For this reason, the primary objective of the organization will undoubtedly be to guarantee the safety and health of all the participants. But, we are committed to ensure they have the most positive of experiences too.

We wish that the Ivrea competitions will be a sign of hope, a recovery of the European canoe slalom, and the start of a successful sports season for all European athletes.

The HOC, the Italian Federation, the City of Ivrea, and its inhabitants missed you in 2020, now we are all ready to welcome you again and make you feel cared for, as well as safe, and in a family-like atmosphere.

We are sure that, despite the pandemic, thanks to all, the next European Championships will be an exciting and high-quality event, in which the best athletes and, hopefully, future Olympic medals will face off.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Ivrea.

Kind regards.

The Organizing Commitee